Here is another Epic Jump Map series, Halloween Candy which is a horror adventure, parkour map made by EJM team consist of SkyDoesMinecraft, bodil40, Deadlox and TrueMU.

Genre: Adventure, Parkour, Horror
Version: 1.7.2
Developer: SkyDoesMinecraft, bodil40, Deadlox and TrueMU

Just like its name , Halloween candy 2 is made for Halloween last year but I have totally missed this great map and only gotten to know of it yesterday. I’m not sure what is the exact storyline but I have played it a bit and it’s certainly horrific and creepy since the beginning.

Upon starting the game, you are sitting in a yard with Halloween decoration all over the place and you heard something is shrieking. There will be signboard asking you to move forward and step on orange blocks. The signboards explain rules of playing and ask you to choose if you are playing for single-player or multi-player. A few steps later, the signboard shows your forever alone face. The label then states that this you and mock of how pathetic you look.

It then said to not be worried as he/she is now stalking you so you will no longer be forever-alone. From the way it is written, something is now haunting you.

A box is then presented in front of you and are equipment items such as stick or treat, buttery corn candy, double triple milk and SWEG boots. A few steps later, there is a deep hole and the label there dare you to jump down. Once you jump, you will have the shocking moments of your life!

From now on, no matter if you jump through the hole or not you will be chased down by the unknown things!

EJM Halloween Candy 2 is made only for minecraft 1.7.2 and above . Halloween Candy comes with its own resource pack which contain custom items and mobs. Proceed to epic jump map download below


  • Must play with sound on 30%
  • Must play with brightness on 50% or below
  • Play on 2 chunk distance
  • Candy is your score
  • Don’t destroy any block or place any blocks
  • Enable command blocks
  • Must use EJM Halloween resource pack with this map

EJM Halloween Candy 2 – Final

EJM HALLOWEEN Resource Pack Fix


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