ElytraPvP By chrixio


ElytraPvP By chrixio is a pvp minigame map that allow unlimited online multiplayer and suitable to use on private servers gameplay.

Creator: chrixio
Client Version: 1.9

How to Play
Join the ElytraPvP Lobby, then go to the left side and select which map you would play and how much Kills are needed for the win. Then go to the other side and select FFA or select a Team!
When you selected FFA you go out of the Team settings, and click on the sign “Join the Arena!”

Minimum player needed is 2 and no limits thereafter.

Sounds great all and that but chrixio put a lot of restriction (rules) on using his map. The map is not allowed to use on big server and only for you to play on mini server.

I think he meant payable server isn’t allow to use this but if you’re opening a small server with friends to play occasional without charging donation and what not, you may use this map.


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