Eleanor’s Castle


Eleanor’s Castle is made by the same person that made Eleanor’s Curse map that had more than 55,000 downloads last year. It was so successful that Reactiion decided to make another great adventure map for us.

One day you decided to come home after a long adventure but when you came home everything has changed. Your home has been destroyed by an evil force, all your family members is dead.

In the sorrow of losing family members you vowed and decided that the evil must be apprehended. You now will go on a journey to destroy the evil in Eleanor’s Castle!

Developer: Reactiion_MT
Client Version: 1.7 above

E.C can be played as a single player or multiplayer, it can support up to 6 people in multiplayer gameplay. It has challenges, mazes , easter eggs and boss fights to make your journey hard and interesting. There are many side quest to do even if you decided not to follow storyline.

The many things and option to do in this map is the reason the file size is so big. It is about 40mb in size alone.

To fully enjoy this map awesome scenery players are suggested to play Eleanor’s Castle using Conquest texture pack.

EL’s Castle 1.7 Download

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