The Easiest Adventure Map™ Ever!


There’s absolutely no way you can lose. Definitely. Indefinitely. Infinitely. Ever. But if you did somehow lose, you’re probably an idiot who suck at gaming.

By that I meant 80% of you who play this map would be an idiot because you would lose.

Creator: Armystuntman
Client Version: 1.8.9

A witch has stolen your precious item which you want/must get back which obviously won’t be easy. Obstacles are everywhere to hinder your journey and yet they claim this The Easiest Adventure Map™ Ever!

This map is designed for minecraft version 1.8.9 which is quite rare as people would usually pick 1.9 or 1.1 or 1.8. You know even number but this guy totally disregard it.

Don’t be fooled by trailer video, this would definitely break your heart.


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