Dungeon Arena II is an RPG dungeon mobs map with 6 unique class, 7 dungeon , shops, custom mobs, bosses and unlock challenges.

Dungeon Arena II allows you to progress through a series of mob dungeon, the dungeons are wave based and you will have to complete all waves in order to earn gems and experience. You then may use the gems to unlock dungeons, buy items, or purchase unique perks and use your experience to upgrade your class.

You can choose a class to fight with and each class has its own weakness, strengths and custom items. The higher the classes the more powerful they are.

Developer: NateT_Bird
Client: 1.7.5 and above

The harder the dungeons the more waves, mobs and stronger foes there will be. If you survived the horde of strong and powerful mobs, you will yield a greater rewards according to their level of hardness. You won’t lose your item if you died but there will be penalty applied.

Dungeon Arena 2 v1.0 by NateT_Bird


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