If you own a PS4 and XBOX one but haven’t heard of Dragon Quest Builder, well you should.

Dragon Quest Builder is a mix of Dragon Quest game with Minecraft like world, where you either destroy, build, crafts blocks and create a village.

The world has been rewritten by Demon King, everyone has lost the knowledge of building and crafting. You, revived by the goddess with the power of building started to build a village and create a community again.


You are given task by the villagers and each task finished will give you exp. Once tasks and challenges finish, a new map is open for you to explore and gain resources.

The harder the monster in the map, the stronger weapon requires to fight them and dig harder resources in the ground.

Like Minecraft, crafting is a big part of DQ Builders. You craft everything from beds, house plate, weapons, dinner table, stove and many more.


However unlike Minecraft crafting in DQ Builders requires unlocking quest. Unless the villagers ask you to make one, the items won’t be available for you until you’ve done their quest.

Is DQ Builders is a clone of Minecraft ? In my honest opinion yes with a twist of Dragon Quest storytelling in it. It’s quite fun to build and crafting stuff like usual but with DQ monsters running around.

Dragon Quest Builders is available on PS4, Xbox One, and Vita. I think it’s a great gift to get this holiday season.

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