Double-Helix Survival 1


Double-Helix Survival 1 is a unique custom map with hefty background to swallow.

Creator : Eltodofull
Client Version : 1.8

The map is split and combine in two helix : Netherland and Overworld.

You spawn in the middle of the top of a huge double helix. You have no where to go. You must survive.

sdasd (1)

sdasd (2)

sdasd (3)

sdasd (4)

sdasd (5)

sdasd (6)

Double Helix is not a large map, the file size is only 327 kb big yet the way the world is crafted gives you an impression and illusion that it is a super large world.

Alongside surviving the world there are other challenges you must achieve such as build a house, built a wheat farm , build a lake and many more.


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