The Door Escape is an adventure MCPE map which means you can play it on your android and iPad.

Using your skills in moving around, jumping and perhaps some parkour actions, you must adventure up to 8 stage levels and conquer it.

The map is newly build not much info can be found since there is not that many reviews of it and the trailer only shows some parts of map and how it looked like inside the stages.

Developer: Neilic23
Client Version 0.9 above

Below are the stages name

  • Door 1:Remember
  • Door 2:Have a Ride
  • Door 3:Correct Answer?
  • Door 4:End of a time:
  • Door 5:Bright Eyes
  • Door 6:Parkour Frenzy
  • Door 7:Smash it up
  • Door 8:The Ending

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