Diversity 3 is an adventure map made for Minecraft

Creators: abrightmoore, AdamDJM, ColdFusion, Jigarbov, Noodlor, qmagnet, qwertyuiopthepie, The1Kwa1Jsucsh, renderXR
Version: 1.13.2

Nearly 5 years after the massive hit Diversity 2, the highly requested final installment to the popular Minecraft series arrives in this epic multi-genre conclusion.

Merging a beautiful balance between fun and challenge, Diversity 3 is playable for 1-3 players. The world of Diversity has changed.

It’s become more open. But it’s up to you to find your way, and once again Complete the Monument! And there are plenty of surprises along the way.

Requirement: 6 minimum chunks render distance


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