Deception – fear strikes is an online multiplayer minigame map made for minecraft.

If you are a Runner, Your objective is to collect 3 shards for every player. The 3 shards are to be inserted into a generator.

Creator: Pep2547
Client Version: 1.13

There are 7 generators but you’ll only need to power up 5 in order to open door to exit.

When you done power up 5 generator, random escape hatch will be open in between 5 doors.

Now come the best part, runners will be slow down when they pick up shards and are available to be seen by killers. However Runners can use items to respawn teammates.

If you are a Killer, you run 20% faster , has 30 heartbeats and appear as a herobrine head with black leather armor and a cloud of smoke as legs.

Your objective is to kill all 4 Runners and let none escape.


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