Daruma is a fully fledged RPG World made for Minecraft.

From a land rediscovered

A legend re-emerges

Spawned from and ancient event

An impossible reward for an impossible task

Said to make a man’s family rich for generations

The legend of

The Dinheiro Incrivel

You venture to the the country of Daruma, intent on finding this legended treasure, no matter the costs!

Creator: Yellow768
Client Version: 1.12

Daruma has everything an RPG needed. It has factions, dozens of caves and dungeons , custom npcs , custom weapons , shops and everything you could think of.

What I like most is that it has 2000 script lines for NPCs which means every interaction you made with NPCs has different interactive. That’s almost like playing Red Dead Redemption 2!!!

That also means that it has a lot of sidequest despite the main quest you have. And you also get to joins different factions with each faction has its own quest to join.

The custom world means custom songs for every place you went and there’s loots in ever nook and cranny.

Definitely the best RPG map for 2018!



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