The Dark Desert is a survival minecraft map which includes everything from dungeons, mystery and treasures.

You know the rules for this genre, it is to survive but Dark Desert have a bit more story to tell. There’s a secret to be solved and many hidden areas to explore. Most importantly, the villagers need to be saved from their impending doom.

Build a wall strong enough or built a castle that can withstand all those carnivorous monsters from eating you and your villagers. Light up the town , shine on them and you might received something in return.

Creator: Kris_Eike
Client Version: 1.7.10

As for secrets and hidden stuff, there seems to be a battle tower somewhere in this map. According to Kriss, even hardcore players would find it difficult to climb and get the loot on top of it.

There’s also different kinds of sapling for resources, mines, buildings and landmarks. They won’t make it easy for you to find.

Dowload Map

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