Dance Floor is a mini game map where you will use your keyboard tapping skills in lots of mini game. Map made for Minecraft.

Creator: Cavinator1 and CemreK
Client Version: 1.13

Get ready to dance! Dance Floor is a party minigame map worked on together by Cavinator1 and CemreK. Prepare to jam your sneaking keys and hit those space bars over and over!

In Dance Floor there are 11 mini games to choose from. There are games such as throwing tridents at zombies to shooting down vexes with lasers, or guessing pixel art to matching beacon colors.

Initially this map is made for minecraft online multiplayer up to four person but you can play as a single player too.

List of minigames:

Zombie Dance
Defeat the dancing zombies by throwing tridents at them!

Riptide Battle
Use riptide tridents to defeat drowned, guardians, and… elder guardians?

Diamond Rain
Cloudy with a chance of bling blangs! Collect more diamonds than your friends to win!

Guess the Pixel Art
Guess the Pixel Art on the dance floor before your friends do to earn points!

Floor Paint
Paint as much of the floor as you can!

Floor is Lava
Beware the orange blocks, for they turn to lava!

Arrow Dance
Move in the directions of the arrows at the right time to earn points!

King of the Dance Floor
Stay in the middle to earn points and use knockback sticks to knock your friends out!

Laser Show
Use laser beams to zap evil flying vexes!

Beacon Matching
Mix your beacon’s colors to match the centre beacon!

True/False Quiz
Read each question and stand on the green platform if true or the red platform if false!


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