Cynthia is a horror map that will scare the freak out of you without spilling blood or gory.

Yes it’s true you can be scared to death without the needs of someone bleeding. The scariest part in this world is something that can’t be seen, hidden to our normal eyes and sneaks around behind you and that’s what Cynthia is.

A psycho scary map that twirl with your brain.

Creator: MagicalMapmaker
Client Version: 1.9.4

The storyline is a classic Minecraft map. You’re back from London after visiting Grandparents whom gives you a special Emerald ring on your visit.

The ring is a family ring which had history since forever. On your way back something occurred and you took a detour through a mountain.

And suddenly your car broke down in the middle of nowhere but you could see an old ruin over there… Shall we check it out even tho it’s dark and you have no idea where you are? Definitely!


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