Curse of the Island map is an adventure map alike Indiana Jones. This map is a short, action packed, custom, adventure map. It has puzzles, mob fighting, parkour, bosses, and a little bit of everything. It should not take longer then 30 minutes to complete. It can hold up to four players, and it has four different kits/classes to use.


You are lost at sea, looking somewhere for land. You see a strange looking island covered in trees and vines ahead. Once you get close you see a strange looking cave on the island. Since you are an adventurer, you must go in. You mount your gear and begin into the cave.

Developer Excaliber!


1. The only block you can place/break is torches.
2. No mix-matching classes together.
3. Only up to four players can play.


Download Curse of the Island Excaliber!


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