CTM Ragecraft The Coruppted Path


Ragecraft The Coruppted Path CTM Map is a linear map that main focus is combat. There are lots of custom mobs, nasty traps and large areas to conquer. There is a central base with teleporter chambers (The Nexus) from where you can access all areas of the map once you have “unlocked” the teleporters from the other side.

Genre Complete The Monument
Developer heliceo

This map is intended to be pretty hard . Since it is a beta, some areas might be a little unbalanced. You can always choose to play in easy mode.


1. Do not play on peaceful difficulty or in creative mode
2. Do not use cheats or mods that give you an unfair advantage. For example: It is okay to use OptiFine as long as you do not remove the “void fog”, use the “zoom” function, etc.
3. Do not manipulate command blocks
4. Do not break or place blocks in the Nexus. If you gain access to the teleporter chambers by accident, do not use them until you have been to the other side first
5. Do not create your own nether portal in the overworld
6. Do not craft or place Ender Chests
7. Your goal is to find and complete the wool shrine. All required blocks can be found in chests and you may not craft them yourself. You may, however, craft and use wool for other purposes (like beds)
8. With a few exceptions (rules 1 – 7), you are allowed to craft, break and place anything you want and use whatever strategy you like.


Minecraft CTM Ragecraft The Coruppted Path Map

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