CTM Monstrosity Map


You are stuck in a cruel and hostile world where you must find 16 pieces of wool to complete a monument and gain victory of the map. In CTM, all standard rules apply, which means you may break and place blocks, craft items, etc.

Genre Complete The Monument
Developer ColdfusionGaming


  • 12 objective wool “Purity Cores” (wool blocks)
  • optional “Exploration Cores” Metal Blocks
  • Secret Disks
  • and more spread around over 16 completely unique areas.


  • -Areas that push Minecraft to the limit. From underwater ruins to daunting corkscrews, Monstrosity has a little bit of everything.
  • -Custom monsters fire wraiths, pairs of eyes, and even tools and armor that have a mind of their own! All custom monsters have special gear drops as well.
  • -Custom tools and weapons. All are specially designed and include special names, ranks and lore.
  • -Special Kits: House Kits, Boom Kits, Light Kits, Grinder Kits, Farm Kits
  • -An interactive monument opens new areas as you collect more cores
  • -Bonus objectives galore! Find 4 bonus exploration cores, secret disks, lore books and more!

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