CTM Corrupted Lands 2


Minecraft Corrupted Lands 2 is a complete the monument map. It is a 12 wool CTM map . The map is made with attentive details to its land and scenery which you will not be bored of while completing your missions

Genre Complete The Monument
Version 1.5.2
Developer clickonme


1) Find and complete the Victory Monument.
2) Find wool in chests (Fleecy Boxes) or on special boss enemies (Fleecy Mobs) scattered around the map, do NOT use dyes or spider string for wools!
3) You may craft the Iron, Gold, and Diamond blocks.
4) Use at least Easy difficulty, and never Peaceful. (I balance around Normal.)
5) Do not leave the boundaries of the map and go into normally generated Minecraft terrain.
6) Survive in any way you can think of. (Yes, you can mine, craft, and place blocks.)
7) You may use spider string wool and sheep wool to craft beds and other items, but not for the Victory Monument.
8) You may not pick up, craft, or move Ender Chests.


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