Crossy Road

We enjoy playing it countless times

Crossy Road is basically a map about Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road minigame. If you’ve played froggie map before than this one is similar in gameplay.

The way to score in Crossy Road is calculated with how long the distance you manage to get yourself to. Terrains are randomly generated every time you started the game. There are about 25 ways/path to choose from and the distance is about 2500 blocks.

Creator: creatorsuperman
Client Version : 1.8

Along the road there are coins you can collect and with those coins you could use it to purchase other animal characters. There are 20 selectable characters you could buy with coins. The amount needed to purchase a character is 100 gold coins.

Crossy Road is a really fun and easy going map that is repeatable but enjoyable, sadly it’s a single player map so you can’t invite friends over to play .


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