Cross Biome Parkour is an extremely difficult parkour map where you have to go through different dimension and test your skill limit.

There are 3 dimension spanning all over the universe, you being a skilled parkour dude will have to challenge a series of Overworld parkour obstacle and if you succeed, you will then move to another difficult stage, The Nether stages.

Developer: creeperface83
Client Version: 1.7.2 and latest

That’s not all, as we said before there are 2 dimension so after Nether stages, you will have to advance to The End where you will have to complee 3 parkour challenges before going on to face the Final Climb.

There is more to come though as the Final Climb isn’t the end, if you succeed the Final Climb you’ll be rewarded or punished with a mini-game.

Warning: don’t bother playing if you don’t have guts to finish all the levels.

Cross Biome Parkour Map

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