Crafting Bone Meal in Minecraft


Bone Meal is a material that you can craft into dye or make use as a fertilizer. To make a Bone Meal is easy, all you need is Bone drop from Skeleton.

1 piece of Bone can create 3 Bone Meals.

How to craft : Open your inventory and place Bone in crafting box. Picture guide as above

Bone Meal is categorize as a Wool Dyes. As a dye you can apply it on sheep to dye their wool, apply to collars of tamed wolves. Add as an addon material to gunpowder and creates a firework star and create a fade color effects.

Dye it can creat : Pink , Light Gray , Magenta , Light Blue.

It can be add as a white pattern on banner, dye your leather armor, stain glass and hardened clay.

Using it as a Fertilizer will add 2,3 stage growth on most plant except for cacti, vines, and nether wart.

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