This mini game/ mini map is based on Mario kart video game where you ride your pigs and race to end of tracks, sounds like an easy and boring but wait, there are about 10 different tracks in this map.

Just like mario karts, there are many items along the tracks where you can pick up to attack other racer or to boost yourself faster.

Since in Craft Cart you are riding pigs and pigs loves carrot, you’ll be using Carrot on a Stick as fuel. Carrot can also be consider as boost for your pig. According to dev of this map, if the carrots runs out, there is a fishing rod for you to craft another Carrot on a Stick, and game-play wise you could also use it to hit other racers.. Neat right?

In addition, there is Sherbet land, GBA Bowser Castle 3, and Rainbow Road tracks are based exactly as it is in Mario Kart. Enjoy your game guys!

Genre:Mini Map, Race
Developer:Superwiiplayer, CC45678, GoldHypercurve, lmnopdude

Craft Cart


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