Crack in The World

Epic map

Crack in The World is a minecraft adventure map where a madly desperate geologist hold ransom of a large explosives in order to save his beloved geothermal power plant.

It’s just another story of a guy with a broken car decided to stay over at the nearby town and suddenly realized that some crazy genius geologist at the nearest power plant is going to destroy your world.

It is now your job to save the world!.. And stop the crazy dude at the geothermal power plant.

Creator: Bauwks
Client Version: 1.8.3

As an adventure map all you need to do is do some investigation within the town. Explore the town and talk to npcs, search for items and clues and unlock the next part of its storyline.

Crack in The World features an animated cut scenes and special effects, its own resource pack with custom sound, textures and music.



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