Corrupt Isles


Corrupt Isles is a ctm map made for minecraft 1.12.2

Looking for a simple yet engaging CTM map? There’s hardly anyone making one lately but we saw Smitje_0 posting his map here.

Creator: Smitje_0
Client Version: 1.12.2

This is just a small CTM map suitable for one person playing . It has optional bonus objective, with an easy to medium difficulty with new players to ctm in mind.

So if you haven’t play a CTM map before, this is the one you should be trying. It’s not going to be easy- it’s not that hard . It’s in between for beginners.

Each Dungeon has three isles, each isle becomes as it were its own little adventure which has to be explored. The playtime is about two hours with the monument and bonus monument completed.


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