Corridor 2


Corridor 2 is a thriller horror map made for Minecraft.

In this map, everything happens behind you. So be-careful of your back.

At least that what I would do seems everything is so dark and black around the corridors.

Also if you can find a light, make sure to duplicate and hoard it as much as you can. Running around in the dark really made me feel insecure.

Creator Vincey1337
Client Version1.9.2

There are a few rules you have to adhere to play this map. Rules are ;

– Don’t use F5
– Render Distance: 12 – 20 Chunks

The duration play time for this map is around 20 minutes. And I’m not sure if I read it correctly but it says it is made for minecraft ver 1.9.2… Which is quite a while ago doesn’t it?

Here’s a walkthrough if you couldn’t figure a way out.

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