Claustrophobic Damage is a PUBG like arena game map made for Minecraft.

Map Description

  • You have to survive an entire night, the game will begin when you enter to the battle zone, when the game begins a world border will cover the area
  • Meanwhile the time gets moving the world border will shrink slowly until reach an area of 45 x 45,
  • Every two minutes you will receive a RunnerĀ“s Soul and wither effect, you have to put the block on bedrock to clear you wither,
  • To the end you must place the red wool in his respective place in the monument to win.
Creator ZeroZai & SaidTorres
Client Version 1.12.2

As you read the description you should notice that there’s a few similarities to many Battle Royale like game that pops up lately.

With the difference that at the end of the game you’ll do a CTM with placing a red wool on the monument.

The shrinking area up to 45 x 45 gives the gameplay a sense of suspense even though we’d probably play bunch of battle royale map before.

However do take note that this map is only for minecraft version 1.12.2 with difficulty in gameplay rated at 8/10


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