It’s been a while since we had any CTM minecraft map and Chunk Loader is a highly addictive one.

According to the creator, Chunk Loader ain’t just a ctm map. It’s a elements of adventure, PVE and randomness

Creator: Diamond Hunter Zero
Client Version: 1.12

In this map you gather resource from difference chunk each day. Also, Combining elements of Captive Minecraft, Skyblocks and Dungeon Crawlers you get to explore new world and , finish your monument and do some adventure or fight final bosses.

The player must present a series of blocks to the monument chamber, which requires them to search and explore a range of loaded chunks, craft items and fight off mobs. Each Monument block will bring the player closer to the final boss and their mission to restore the Overworld!

There’s a lot of unique features in Chunk Loader which I won’t be able to list them all. Just now that it’s a really good map to play.


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