Christmas Advent Calendar Survivial


Another map based on days till Christmas is here but this time it’s made by someone else and it support minecraft online multiplayer sessions.

There are 2 teams in this game, Santa and Grinch. Choose to be either one and keep your team in equal number.

You must find all 24 presents and put it in the advent calendar, and won the game.

Players Supported: 4-18. Map located in the world at x -4284 y 75 z 4684

How To Play:
1. You break the block with the sign “day one”. After you have done that, you will see an item.
2. You need to find that item by playing survivial and then put it in the item frame above.
3. After you have completed “day 1”, you are allowed to open “day 2” and find the item that you see there.
4. Repeat step 3 until you have finished all 24 presents in chronological order from day 1 to day 24.


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