Chaos and Order Merciless Jungle is a CTM map and made for minecraft 1.8 snapshot. Likewise to play this would need client above 1.8

Genre: CTM
Developer: EliasChalwatzis and keksmonster

Merciless Jungle is a hard combat style, a 3 Wool mini CTM and the first map made by Elias and keksmonster. Yes the description said only 3 wools need to be collected and as usual you will need to finish the jungle monument.

A word of precaution, this maybe a mini CTM but it is not an easy map. The game would be easier if you conquered dungeons in the right order. If not, be ready for the worst

ctm merciless jungle (1)

ctm merciless jungle (2)


  • Find and complete jungle monument
  • Do not use peaceful
  • Find wool in chest do not make them from sheep/silk/dye
  • Destroying and crafting is allowed

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