Cendathia : Remnant of A Fallen World


Cendhatia is a forgotten world where 18 amazing islands exist for you to venture and explore .

Waking up on a floating island above the sky, you must now explore the reason Cedhantia was left to ruins and survived the incoming days since you don’t remember how and why you are here.

What makes this island mysterious is that aside of the nice scenery, grass and trees, you’d see an abandoned buildings. What could be the reason for this place be abandoned? But the good thing is that now all the resources are left for you to ravage .

There are 18 islands all together in Cedanthia, and four of them are blazing Nether Islands and two mysterious End Islands.
Creator: Davellan
Client Version: 1.8

There are no weather in here since you are above the clouds. If you’re looking for a challenge, there is a rare Enderdragon exist in this world for you to fight and slay. Sporadic lightning occurs every now and then spawning creepers that will put you on guard.

Built a house and a farm, survived the days and tame some horse do whatever you want as Cedanthia is an open world minecraft map where you could do as you pleased.

Download Cendatia by Davellan.zip


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