Capture The Flag Map! is the 2020 version of the map made available for Minecraft.

Yes there was a similar map made before but this one has been updated to 2020.

As always this map supports Minecraft online multiplayer sessions.

Client Version1.15

Quick Rules:

  • NO breaking blocks!!
  • Make sure everyone has selected their team
  • Start in your coloured teams semi-circle in the centre
  • Someone press the Start button to begin
  • Run to your base and up the ladders to equip yourself
  • Run to the other teams base to capture a flag
  • Collect ONE flag at a time (for your whole team)
  • Drop the flag in the hopper inside your own base (in the back room)
  • If you collect one of your own teams flags, place it back on the stand before doing anything else. Do not keep it in your inventory
  • Once all the enemy team’s flags have been collected, the game will end and teleport everyone into the middle.
  • Click the Reset button to play again.


  • Automatic team selector, and dyed armor to display your team colours.
  • Enchanted weapons
  • Beacons that track the current flags captured
  • Detectable message when flags have been picked up/dropped/captured
  • Reset button to easily start the game again!

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