Minecraft Cage : Cops & Robbers is a hide and seek survival map. This map is based for the mini-game called Cops & Robbers, the original by Mattie400.

GenreMinecraft Survival
Developer Squadhob


The game is best if you don’t cheat.
– No creative mode
– No team-killing
– Don’t keep the robbers in the cages all the time, you MUST let them out
– You must be in a voice chat (Skype, TeamSpeak)

Everyone start off in the spawn area, once you’re ready, press the ‘Start’ button.
One person will be chosen randomly to be The Warden.
The Warden bosses and controls the robbers, they can do anything to them.
The robbers have an objective, they will have to try for freedom and find the 4 hidden keys to open the Escape Gate
When all the robbers are dead, The Warden wins.


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