Bunker 28 is a minecraft horror map that was made without any mods or server commands. It is a normal map with enough jump scare needed for horror fans.

It was raining that day when you decided to drive to New York. The rains were so heavy that you can’t see what’s upfront and the roads were slippery. You lost control of the car and accidentally hit a tree..

Creator: N012P
Client Version: 1.7

Once you gather your strength, you got out of the car.. there was no one around for you to ask for help.

However there is a bunker in the middle of nowhere and under these heavy rain and the pain from your traumatic accident just now you decided to seek shelter there.

But once you got inside, the door slams and nothing you do would open it. In fact.. Nothing prepares you of what’s inside… What exactly is this place..? Or rather.. What’s haunting it..?

MC Bunker 28 Horror Map

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