Remember how we used to play Bomberman when we’re kids? Some genius dev have created Bomberman mini game map for minecraft users that simulate the real video game and it’s actually quite fun.

Upon starting the map you have the option to create an arena by pushing button on the right side of the wall where you spawn. There are 3 listed power ups you could choose from which is randomly generated. Press the start button and get inside the box behind you, and the game will start.

Developer: Brutec
Version: 1.8 above

You will control your bomberman character from the top of the arena. The main aim is of course to bomb the opponent before they killed you first.

The downside is that his is a multiplayer map and you have to play it with a friend. There’s now AI for foreveralone like me 🙁 Well at least when I tried it I didn’t see any AI popping like the one in trailer.

[Bomberman][1.8] byBrutec


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