BlitzBuild is the best fast pace minigame you needed that could be played with friends and best map to host on a server. The game is featured on minecraft homepage recently..

This map is a building replication minecraft online multiplayer map that supports up to 5 players, however there are no restriction on playing it alone. It’s just that you’ll be forever alone…

Creator: magib1
Client Version: 1.8

When you start the game you will be shown a random model build such as duck, monument or random images. You must memorize it in 15 seconds and build exactly as how it supposed to look in 60 seconds.

Each match consists of 5 rounds, with 5 different challenging models to recreate. Be careful, you can’t break any blocks so any mistakes is permanent!

– 1 to 5 Players
– 10 minutes per game
– 36 unique, challenging models
– Robust scoring system based on accuracy and speed
– Score multipliers for finishing early


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