Blasted Lands is a all in one hardcore survival,adventure and CTM map . The only thing that is given to you when you spawn on the island is just a lava bucked and 2 ice blocks.

There are only 2 jobs to choose from which is Hunter and Builder. This 2 jobs will help you to gain money and it will help you in your task on opening Safe Haven and Doom Island. Each Island have different challenges like fighting giants and fishing competition.


What great about this map is that it combines all major jobs you can do in minecraft and the most important thing is that you can play it with your friends to achieve the best goals in doing quest such as Kill ender dragon and kill 10 Ghasts. Succeed in this quest/mission and you will receive all kind of crazy items


  • Kill 64 Pigmans to complete [REPEATABLE]
  • Kill 64 Endermans to complete [REPEATABLE]
  • Break 64 Brown giant mushroom blocks[REPEATABLE]
  • Break 64 Red giant mushroom blocks[REPEATABLE]
  • Cook 1 stack of Potatoes using Shift+click or 2 stacks using click [REPEATABLE]
  • Melt 1 stack of sand [REPEATABLE]
  • Craft 32 breads using Shift+click or 64 using click [REPEATABLE]
  • Craft 256 units of Sugar(2 stacks of sugar cannes crafted by presing Shift) [REPEATABLE]
  • Kill 64 creepers to complete [REPEATABLE]
  • Kill 64 zombies to complete [REPEATABLE]
  • Kill 64 spidersto complete [REPEATABLE]
  • Kill 64 skeletonsto complete [REPEATABLE]
  • Kill 64 cows to complete [REPEATABLE]
  • Kill 64 pigsto complete [REPEATABLE]
  • Kill 64 chickens to complete [REPEATABLE]
  • Break 64 cobblestone blocks to complete [REPEATABLE]
  • Break 64 pumpkins to complete [REPEATABLE]
  • Break 64 mellons to complete [REPEATABLE]
  • Complete CTM serie from Nether and build an ender portal , you must kill Ender Dragon to complete [UNREPEATABLE]
  • Kill 64 Blaze to complete [REPEATABLE]
  • Kill 64 Lava Slimes [REPEATABLE]
  • Kill 10 Ghast to complete [REPEATABLE]

REWARDS: items+ 200EXP


  • /scoreboard players add @p[r=5] killpigman 64
  • /scoreboard players add @p[r=5] killender 64
  • /scoreboard players add @p[r=5] brownmushroom 64
  • /scoreboard players add @p[r=5] redmushroom 64
  • /scoreboard players add @p[r=5] nohungry 256
  • /scoreboard players add @p[r=5] glassmaker 64
  • /scoreboard players add @p[r=5] breadwiner 64
  • /scoreboard players add @p[r=5] Sugarfarmer 64
  • /scoreboard players add @p[r=5] Killcreeper 64
  • /scoreboard players add @p[r=5] Killzombie 64
  • /scoreboard players add @p[r=5] Killspider 64
  • /scoreboard players add @p[r=5] Killskeleton 64
  • /scoreboard players add @p[r=5] Killcow 64
  • /scoreboard players add @p[r=5] Killpig 64
  • /scoreboard players add @p[r=5] Killchicken 64
  • /scoreboard players add @p[r=5] cobblegenerator 64
  • /scoreboard players add @p[r=5] Pumpkinfarmer 64
  • /scoreboard players add @p[r=5] Mellonfarmer 64
  • /scoreboard players add @p[r=5] killender 1
  • /scoreboard players add @p[r=5] killBlaze 64
  • /scoreboard players add @p[r=5] killlava 64
  • /scoreboard players add @p[r=5] killghast 10

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