BLACKOUT II – Nuclear Winter


BLACKOUT II – Nuclear Winter is a sequel from the same series map made for Minecraft.

Creator: panR4IN
Client Version:1.12.2

Blackout II – Nuclear Winter is the official sequel to Blackout, in which you had to explore the abandoned russian city of Kreschakov, survive the acid rain and avoid the invulnerable Lingering. This time, the protagonist has to survive the nightmares of nuclear winter.

In an unknown military location, he wakes up in a train that’s about to fall into a neverending abyss. He makes it out alive and soon finds out there’s snow everywhere, and that he’s not quite alone.

Survive the hazards of nuclear winter, battle the radioactive monsters that roam inside, run from an unknown failed military experiment and explore the unknown town that’s apparently full of dark secrets

Blackout II has about 1-2 hour of gameplay with custom armors and weapons which you will be using to fight custom enemies. Also added is custom sound



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