This is a minecraft map that was based on a mini game in Resident Evil 7. In this map you get to play BlackJack with the same rules as in Resident Evil 7.

Sadly, I did not play Resident Evil 7 so I can’t comment much on it other than this is the first I heard about playing Black Jack in any of the Resident Evil series.

They were usually different kind of puzzles don’t they? Anyway the rules are similar to 21 DLC in Resident Evil 7.

Client Version1.15.2

Now what makes this map unique is that you can play solo or get your friends to join in.

If you choose to play solo, a villager name “Hoffman” would join and be your opponent. Or you could watch two villagers battle each other

It is fun that you can also just enter “/tag @s add out” to watch two villagers battle against each other.

If you choose to play multiplayer, there’s a bit of command you need to know.

Players are picked randomly, but those with the tag named “out” won’t be picked(for example, if you enter the command “/tag @s add out”, you won’t be picked by the game; Besides, you can just enter “/tag @s remove out” if you wanna be picked again).Those haven’t be picked would be a wither ghost and hanging around in the game room as a spectator.


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