Beat The Disease


Beat the Disease is an adventure map with a sad storyline.

You visited your father who is hospitalized . Every month your father visited the hospital but he never told you what his sickness is.

Creator: lifeisagame97
Client Version: 1.12.2

Then you had the opportunity to talk to his Doctor and he told you that your father has a heart disease.

Disappointed with the news, you went home and found a letter with a way to cure your father.

You must now head to Monsterix world for medicine that could cure your father. Will you succeed?

Map has 2 bosses and 1 final boss and lots of hidden chest. The map is really big so be prepared for it

Don’t use gamemode 1
Don’t use /kill command to heal yourself
Don’t kill animals on map for food (If they spawn)
Follow the story and you will complete the map
Try to complete sidequest’s, they may have something that you need
Singleplayer ONLY!
If you don’t spawn in start room, please do /kill command



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