Bane of The Pumpkin Lord is an adventure/puzzle minecraft map that is made especially for solo player in mind.

The world are under the terror that Pumpkin Lord might once again attack the people, seeing how terrified the world are you decided to go and find him and finish this misery once for all but once you went on a journey to find Pumpkin Lord, there were too many questionable doubts.

Is it true that Pumpkin Lord is the one behind all the underlying problems? Or was there another hand playing. Only you can figure it out now..

Creator: Deathwind31, Textures: Rhodox, Music: CounterSound
Client Version: 1.8

Map has its own narrative storyline and many secrets for you to unfold. Many custom items, trading market, boss fight, puzzles and exploration that could take hours to finish.

Comes with its own resource pack.


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