Back To The Future


Minecraft Back to The Future map is based from the movie Back to The Future acted by Michael J. Fox, Crystopher Loyd and Lea Thompson back in the 1985.

I supposed some of the earlier 90’s kid should know this movie, it was still quite famous in 1998. It was Michael’s best film and it should made a great adventure map for minecraft.

Developer: Csabusa and Kenry26
client: 1.8 and above

The story went like this, Marty (Michael) went back to the 1955 with the help of his old scientist friend and once he’s there, he turns things around so much that his mother fallen in love with him.

He must try to make his parent fallen in love with each-other and at the same time fix some problems with his father’s bully and try to find a way to go back home.

To play this map you are required to have vanilla version , minecraft 1.8 and above only. The map was well made, all the buildings made based on the movie is almost 100% identical. It somehow made me feel like I’m Marty


Back To The Future Updated


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