AtmosFear is a one big humongous adventure map sized at 215MB big that reeks scary and survival elements.

As the main protagonist of this map, you happen to be stranded inside a failing mining base on a strange planet moon but you weren’t the only one on this planet.

It seems that there are evil beings lurking and surrounding you all the time. Be prepared and escape or accept your destiny to die..

Creator: Jick87, mctkp, Shadorose, TheLordKaos
Client Version: 1.8

What makes this map a little bigger than any normal map is that it came with its own resource pack which includes custom textures, custom sounds ( a lot of it ) and many more goodies.

The game is made for singleplayer but there’s no limit on how many players you can coop with. Command blocks must be enable and never play this map in peaceful mode.

AtmosFear Download


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