Apocalyptic Minigame


What a more suitable map to play in a current lockdown situation from Covid 19 we have right now. Play this minigame minecraft map to past your time.


  • Over 10 different wave contents! Some are dangerous, some helpful.
  • Waves come endlessly until you just can’t take any more!
  • A true Minecraft experience where players can build/break as they please.
  • Customizable experience! Adjust settings to your liking in the control room!
  • Three maps to choose from, or choose a random map!
  • Supports multiplayer, and joining mid-game!

The gameplay is that you spawn in a map and given time to prepare your equipments and what not and then you’d be thrown into waves of waves of danger.

From zombies, to lightning, to Jumping Creeper Jockies, this map will be sure to leave you dead!


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