Anoria is a Fantasy Adventure map made for Minecraft. Previously we posted two dungeons which originally came from Anoria map, today we posted the original map itself.


Valoria is a continent, home to 7 unique races(6 of them planned to be playable), each with its own culture, architecture, beliefs and war tactics. These races are split into 3 factions.

The first faction is called the Alliance. Forged in dire times by the Humans, Dwarves and Wood Elves, the Alliance is made so that they defend themselves against a looming threat, the Dark Empire.

The Dark Empire has by its side the Orcs, Goblins and Dark Elves, their goal, to conquer the whole continent and ensure the survival of their species. The third faction are the Undead, who are sworn to end all life in the continent.

Client version1.12.2

So if it’s abandon why was it released?

Originally this map was supposed to be released on a server however that was cancelled so now Anoria is released to public.

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