AMLP’s Uncharted Territory Series is a CTM ( Complete The Monument ) Map . The map has 2 chapter currently

These maps follow the traditional minecraft complete the monument rules, using Wool as the main material for the monument, you may place and break blocks and survive in any way you can think of, though don’t bother leaving the boundaries of the map/climbing out of the open sky areas, you won’t find anything.

GenreMinecraft Adventure, Minecraft CTM
Developer Amlup



Uncharted Territory I: Learning The Ropes ( for Minecraft 1.3.2 below )

Uncharted Territory 1 v1.3.2 by AnotherMinecraftLP

Uncharted Territory II: Enter The Darkness ( for Minecraft 1.4.7 – 1.4 )

Uncharted Territory 2 (release v1.3) Multiplayer
Uncharted Territory 2 (release v1.3) Single Player

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