Minecraft Alien : A crafters Isolation is based on the same titled ; Alien Isolation movie . The storyline, characters and background are made to make you relive the action from the movie.

The map contains everything from custom textures, custom sound effects, animated textures, custom alien mobs and a clever AI alien that will hunt you down without fail. The mobs are also unpredictable and will act differently than any normal mobs you’ve encounter before.

Creator: Xander369
Client Version 1.8

If you’re looking for a minecraft online multiplayer map then Alien supported up to 2 player coop. It was made for 1 hour gameplay so playing this map alone would be a waste.

Despite all the custom stuff available there is no mod requires to play. The file is also small at just 28mb in size compared to other similar maps with custom stuff.

Aliens Crafters Download

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