Alex’s Secret Slide


Alex’s Secret Slide is a minigame racing map where you row your boat till you reach the end of track.

Actually you need to slide your boat since it’s a slide race but sliding require bowing your boat… A bit confusing there but it’s a fun game.

Creator: _Tom_
Client Version: 1.9.4

The slide track has many interesting features and it’s design to run at full high speed where you can make drift.

I think that’s something new in Minecraft as you can make spectacular drifts in ways you like using a boat.

The slide course has skyjump, hair pin turn and reverse turn. Map supports multiplayer and can be reset when you want.



  1. _Tom_ 10 January, 2017 at 06:00 Reply

    Hello admin, I see that you created a page for my map on your website,
    Can you please not link to the file directly and link to the link here:

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