Addams Family Mansion (1991)


A replica of Addams Family Mansion (1991) based on the said name cartoons in Minecraft.

Do you watch The Addams Family ? This here is the family’s mansion.

Creator: ArtSolist
Client Version: 1.13

The Addams family’s mansion has had many different incarnations over the years. It made its first appearance (at least, the interior did) at the same time as Morticia and Lurch, in one of Charles Addams’ cartoons. The house was depicted as a dilapidated mansion that had been condemned (and was seemingly haunted, due to the strange creatures at the top of the staircase). Since then, it had become almost a character itself, and served as the main setting for the rest of the cartoons featuring the Addams family. Stories surrounding the mansion (in video games, primarily) are common, and the house’s origins and specific nature are explored more deeply in The New Addams Family than any other incarnation.

Resource Pack and mods Information
MC Version: 1.13.2+
Mods: Optifine
Resourcepacks: Default
Shaderpacks: Sildur’s Vibrant shaders 1.20 Medium
XYZ: -60/68/64



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