A Thief Tale Adventure RPG Map


Looking for a RPG map? A Thief tale definitely wont disappoint you with its vibrant storyline and adventures.

Gloating with its biggest map file size at 92.88mb, it contains almost everything you want in a single map. A thief tale is about a world in medieval time and it’s a sandbox world where it’s playable for 1-6 people. There are 50 secrets to be found which is indicated in a treasure box with a nether star. If you found all 50 of them then you have seen everything in Thief’s Tale.

Genre Adventure
Developer Plungerboy


The texture, terrain are very details and the map itself comes with custom texture pack of its own. Your eyes would be pleased seeing how much details Plungerboy put in this map medieval architectures. Its custom bandit mobs are among the things I found funniest.

The storyline and adventures are rather direct with its clues however you will be stopped with locked doors and gates where you will have to find keys to open them. A RPG medieval map is incomplete without economy and this map does not forget the needs of a RPG player who wants to involve themselves in selling lucrative items, what’s the point being a thief if you can’t sell them in black markets?

The economy is based on emeralds. Other riches like gold and diamonds can be sold for emeralds. All the gear you need for the adventure can be found, but lots of goods, food, weapons and armor can be purchased on markets or in stores. Also selling found goods and even transporting wanted goods can provide a good source of income. Be sure to check all the trades a merchant has to offer.

A Thief Tale Adventure Map Download

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