A Night at Davion Keep


A Night at Davion Keep is a fan art series made based/for Vechs, LPer and creator of the Super Hostile Map series.

The thing with minecraft storyline is that they always started with wandering off somewhere anywhere in the middle of the night not knowing why.

That is how you (the player) would be spending the night at davion’s keep.

Creator: TinkerTech2
Client Version : 1.8.8

God knows why but once you spawn in map you’d be wandering somewhere in an old gravel road under a heavy thunderstorm .

The storm makes you feel tired and heavy, you must find someplace to rest before continuing on your journey to god knows where.

Up above the hill you saw an old, dangerous fortress, rumored to belong to one of the greatest Map-Makers of all time…

Davion Keeps Zip File

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